Laboratory of the Communication Sciences Department was formed simultaneously with the birth of the Department of Communication in 2004. The presence of the laboratory department of Communication Studies is actually used to help process and academic processes of teaching and learning, especially in the practice of students. Because the lab trying to provide maximum services to all stakeholders, including students.

Late in 2012, the laboratory of the Department of Communication undergone a total renovation and relocation of the original is in the College Building Co (GKB) University, to a new location on the 7th floor of Building A, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Brawijaya University. Renovation and relocation is intended to maximize the use of laboratory services and on all existing stakeholders, as well as supporting the teaching and learning process. It makes the laboratory of the Department of Communication can be used as a vehicle practices in foreign students Kulian berpraktikum. In addition, removal and renovation of laboratory produced intergasi function laboratories, science laboratories currently have the capability to communicate relatively adequate for the production of radio programs and television. Therefore, the laboratory of the Communications Department, also known as broadcasting laboratory .

In mid-2013, the laboratory of the Department of Communications improving its performance with a charge of manufacturing activities and training modules, as well as a discussion forum for the development of science. This was done in order to improve laboratory support for the Department of Communication Science, as well as efforts to improve service.